Pancakes and Booze Art Show in Pittsburgh

When’s the last time you ate pancakes and drank booze at an art show?


     Pancakes and booze is not your average art show. They are a traveling art show that has been touring around the world since 2009, featuring your local artists, bands, photographers and DJ’s. Not only do you get to experience some amazing artwork but you also get to chow down on pancakes and enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer as you walk around. So on January 27th, Pancakes and Booze made their way to Pittsburgh. It was held at the Spirit Lounge in Lawrenceville.

If you are not familiar with the Spirit Lounge, it is a place where you can hold events. As you walk up to the venue you can already hear the music. There were two Dj’s at the event, one performing the first half of the night and the other for the second half. The first Dj played more rock and pop music, while the other played more hip hop and some pop.

The top floor is where you can hold events such as the art show, the bottom floor The venue was filled with 3 large rows of room dividers that held the artwork and pictures of the local artists and designers.The artwork ranged from political views, cultural expression, to surrealism. You’ll also find against the walls different vendors selling handmade merchandise, from soaps and candles, beaded jewelry and small sculptures. And of course I can’t forget to mention the pancakes and booze!

In the front of the venue right in front of the stage that held the performers was the pancake bar. The pancakes were small and snack sized with 3 bowls of different toppings such as; strawberry, bananas, chocolate chips, and of course you can’t forget the syrup. In the back corner held a bar where they served wine and beer, not a huge selection of drinks but they served drinks that everyone would enjoy.

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