Pittsburgh's Hidden Gem - Market Street Grocery

On the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square, you’ll find a small and trendy grocery store called Market Street Grocery tucked away on one of the side streets. Here their main focus is on the quality of the foods they provide. The store gives a feel from past eras but with a modern twist. Market Street Grocery opened in April 2015 and is Downtown’s first grocery in five years.


However, this is not your average grocery store. Not only can you buy you fresh produce here but you can also get a home cooked meal, pick up some tasty treats from their tiny bakery section, Gaby et Jules, a bakery that’s based in Squirrel Hill. You can also stop for a quick coffee run where they serve Philadelphia’s celebrated La Colombe Coffee and Portland’s Stumptown Coffee, or even join them for happy hour in their wine bar. Oh and let’s not forget to mention the block party that they host once a month during the summer.


Let’s talk wine! The Market St. Wine Shop & Wine Bar will have you feeling like you’re in the vineyards of Italy! The bar in the back is very cute and hipster, it even has its own separate entrance on Graeme St. It almost looks like a bar you’d find in a luxury home the way it’s furnished with books, little plants,it has knick-knacks all around and a projector that plays old black and whites on the wall. The bar has a small but large menu. They carry wine exclusively by Collefrisio Wines which you can buy by the glass, bottle or even by the case. Not only do they serve drinks but they also serve a customizable meat, cheese and fruit platter. You can choose how many items you would like on the platter and the types of meats and cheeses you would prefer. If you’re lucky might even get to try their not-yet-famous Frozen Wine or what they’ve dubbed the Frosé. It is the process of putting Rosé or any kind of wine through a sorbet machine and turning it into the perfect cool down treat.


Now last but surely not least, the Market St. Block Party. This has become one of the most popular events to attend for many of the residents. It’s great for coming out to try new foods, drinks, and to connect with people from all around the city. For the past two years, once a month on a Thursday evening, Market St. Grocery partners with Dj Cody Baker to host the Block Party on Market St. Their wine bar provides the mixed drinks, and the coffee bar provides the beer. There is usually a nice mix of people of many ages that attend, which makes the night even more fun and interesting. The party kicks off at 6pm and usually ends around 10pm and for the younger crowd the party usually continues at Goldmark in Lawrenceville. These block parties occur once a month starting in April and ending in October. So if you ever happen to have some free time or are visiting the city you should definitely stop down and visit this unique grocery store on Market Street!

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